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Set Up Your Website to Take Payments Online

UK shoppers spent £91 billion online in 2013 and that figure is forecast to grow a further 17% this year, according to the industry association for online retail Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG).

The big beneficiaries have been dedicated e-commerce sites like Amazon and stores with established online services like Tesco and Argos. Any small business can get a bite of the cherry however.

Most businesses these days have a company website but in order to conduct sales and accept payments online you will have to take certain steps to ensure the security of both yourself and your customers.

Internet merchant account

The first thing you should do is obtain an internet merchant account (IMA), which can be used to receive funds for goods or serviced purchased over the net. Many banks offer internet merchant accounts and you can apply for one even if you are not an existing customer.

If you can already take card payments via a physical PDQ machine you will have a merchant account but will still need a separate internet merchant account.

You can also use a third-party merchant account provider. These essentially act as a go-between, sending your customers’ transactions to the bank to be processed.

Make your server secure

You will also need to set up a secure server. This uses encryption designed to prevent cybercriminals from intercepting confidential information. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology such as Apache SSL provides that essential security for online communications. Once you have obtained an SSL certificate your data will be secured and SSL with an Extended Validation (EV) certificate can also help verify your security status and engender trust with your customers.

An SSL certificate with EV will turn the address bar green in high-security browsers and display your verified organisation name, making it easy for users to trust your site.

Install shopping systems

Your customers will need a simple and self-explanatory system to actually make their purchases. This usually takes the form of a catalogue of products and an online ‘basket’.

Customers add the things they want to buy to this virtual basket. When they have finished they proceed to ‘checkout’ and can enter their payment information via your newly secured server.


Facts You Should Know About Choosing A Cloud Hosting Company

It is obvious that most people do not know much about cloud hosting and when they need to take advantage of such a service, they have no real idea what to buy. We are looking at many different firms that offer cloud hosting services these days so the choice can be a lot more complicated than you initially believe. With this in mind, here are some facts you have to be aware of. They will make your choice a lot easier.

Cloud Computing and Clouds

The term “cloud” is used to describe intranet or internet hosting and is always connected to some type of application or service. Public cloud basically connects to the Internet and private clouds are used by a company’s intranet infrastructure. When we just say “cloud”, we usually talk about a public cloud.

A serious cloud hosting company needs to be suitable based on what you want to do with it. Cloud computing is always connected to services and applications that you access, manage or run through a Web browser or similar application. This type of service does not always require the installation of software and in most cases it is not necessary.

To better explain the concept, in cloud computing we deliver computing in a way that is similar to that of a service instead of a product. You do not buy, run and install a program on a local unit. The program itself will run on the computers of the provider.  A monthly or yearly access fee is paid.

What Are You Interested In When Choosing A Cloud Hosting Company?

Most people think about the money that is about to be paid but that is not the case and it is an incorrect approach. You need to basically choose something that is of quality since the prices are always scalable. That means you will be offered the possibility of paying only what you use. With this in mind, the price needs to be considered only when comparing what you are offered for the same money as you analyze various providers.

You are interesting in security too because you want to be sure that your data will be kept safe at all times. That is especially true when you would use the cloud to store important information like client data. Make sure there is strong security used or at least make sure that there is some sort of data backup system in place so that you know you never lose what you upload to the cloud.

The last thing of real importance is the list of software that is already installed on the cloud computing servers. You need apps and programs that are suitable for the use that you will have for that package. In the event this is not present, you need to be sure that you can install the applications you had in mind. Not all cloud hosting companies offer such a possibility so make sure that you discuss this or that it is listed in the TOS file you have to read.


Understanding cPanel and Building WordPress Site Fast with cPanel Web Hosting

Your quest to establish online presence only starts with choosing a reliable web host. You will soon find out that there are other challenges you have to face including figuring out the proper way of building WordPress site fast with cPanel web hosting. And with various references online, learning about this aspect of hosting should not take you long.

The Importance of cPanel

In order to support your content, you need to have the freedom of space. With unlimited bandwidth, you can ensure that the website can accommodate the possible amount of traffic it will receive especially in peak hours. With uninterrupted access by users and less downtime, you can rest easy that your customer’s experience will be nothing less than breezy and easy. This is an essential to any type of website. But more importantly, you have to determine and learn how to navigate through and manipulate the cPanel.

First, you have to understand what this cPanel is all about. Simply put, this refers to the control panel that shall allow you to manage the website in its entirety from the content to the complete control of the account. This is the main reason why you absolutely need to figure out a way around this cPanel. And to help you get an idea about the available tools and features as well as learn about building WordPress site fast with cPanel web hosting, here are some basics about the functionality to start with.

The Basic Functionality of the cPanel

The Web site tools are just one among the many basic things you need to be familiar with. These tools consist of the Web Protect, redirects and custom error pages. Using such tools, you will be able to make changes on MIME types including Apache handlers. This control shall also allow you to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions including the File Manager.

The email functionality of the cPanel allows you to fully manage the email accounts which include applying changes to passwords, setting up auto responders, spam filtering and building mailing lists among others. The Backups part on the other hand, is what allows you to create copies for files and databases.

Other aspects of the cPanel that you should gain familiarity with are the stats programs for monitoring web performance, FTP account controls, advanced hosting functions that allow you to manage sub domains and other database management tools including MySQL, PHP and the like. The sooner you learn to navigate through these tools and functions, the sooner you are ready to start building WordPress site fast with cPanel web hosting.


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How to Go about Selecting the Right Web Hosting Service for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, your budget restriction may pose a problem when choosing a hosting plan. So how exactly do you go about selecting the right web hosting service for your small business provided your limited budget?

The Challenge of Seeking a Reliable Host

Selecting a reliable web host is not an easy feat. The task becomes all the more complex provided you are working on a restricted budget. The challenge then is to find an inexpensive but reliable service. But this is something easier said than done. However, this is not to say it is impossible to find a reputable web host that offers its services for much smaller fees.

A lot of people automatically equate low cost with substandard or poor quality service. This may be true in some cases. However, spending less does not mean you have to be content with getting less especially in terms of web hosting needs for your small business. No matter how grand your business is or how small your budget is, in selecting the right web hosting service for your small business, it is a must that you seek a web host that offers the following.

Get an assurance about reliability or 99% uptime.

Your online connection is a key aspect to the success of your business. In which case, you need to make sure that every penny you put to the investment is worth it. Your website can become an effective or a worthless touch point or connection with potential customers. This means, you have to make sure that they have a wonderful customer experience. And you can only ensure this with the help of a dependable web host.

Rely on competent technical support team.

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than accessing a website that does not seem to be in order. So, you should always demand at least 99% uptime. In case of a downtime, there should be a round the clock available support to handle the issue and keep the site running in no time.

Comprehensive advanced features.

The feature you seek shall depend on specific requirements. But an important reminder is not to be blinded by unlimited storage space only. Pay attention to other features including FTP, PHP, MySQL and the like which are equally crucial in a fully functional website.


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Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest properly in a website project, one of the important choices you’ll need to make is which type of hosting service is right for you.  The two most popular forms of hosting are known as shared hosting and virtual private server hosting.  The hosting type that you will choose is independent of operating system (Windows or Linux) or type of software (Drupal, WordPress, or other CMS) that will power your website.  Read on to learn about the differences between shared and virtual private server hosing, and how to choose which one is the right choice for your website goals.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a great hosting choice for medium to large scale websites, or corporate websites that need an ultra fast load and response time.  Web hosts create multiple VPS hosting accounts on a single server by segmenting the server’s resources using virtualization technology.  So while your site is technically on a sever hosting multiple websites it has all the resources, processes, and power, of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.  Because today’s servers use multiple processors it is not hard to share the resources equally between 4-6 websites.  VPS is a great option for website developers who want all the benefits and control of a dedicated server without the additional cost and maintenance.  If you’re looking for a good deal on a VPS plan use our exclusive hostgator promo code for a discount on a whole year of VPS hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

Simply stated, shared hosting is the sharing of resources on a single server to host multiple websites.  Because most websites only receive a few hundred to a few thousand visits per month, they don’t need that much power to run.  By sharing the resources of a single server hosting companies are able to provide a budget option to website owners who won’t be expecting a ton of traffic or who don’t host large multimedia files.  While shared hosting is the least expensive type of hosting plan on the market, this does not mean it is of lower quality.  In fact, many shared hosting plans come with the same features as more expensive plans, the only difference is that there will be a slower response time if your site attracts heavy traffic.  One of the most popular shared hosting plans is the hostgator hatchling plan, which is used by millions of websites each year.

Which is the Right Hosting Plan for Me?

If you are still unsure of which hosting plan is right for you try to estimate your traffic for the first year of operation.  The amount of traffic is the most important factor in determining which kind of hosting is the best for your website.  Heavy traffic of more than 5,000 visits per months should use VPS while anything less will probably be fine with a shared hosting plan.  Even the best websites take a long time to build up strong traffic statistics, so keep that in mind when choosing between shared and VPS hosting options.


Hosting Your Entertainment Website

Entertainment websites are somewhat different from other websites. They often have many more images, audios, and videos than the average website. So when it comes to deciding on a webhost you need to find one that has the space, speed and features you need to keep your website up and running with an uptime over 90%. Checking reviews on web hosts you are considering is a great way to see what the current users are experiencing and how they feel the web host is handling current issues. For example Bluehost review contains personal comments of current users about the web hosts current services and features.


Some services you should consider when choosing a web host is their technical support. If you are dealing with problems that involve your website, you are going to need the technical supports help. If the technical support has no idea of what they are doing then you should look for another web host. Checking review sites are a great way to determine the type of technical support a web host may provide. Bluehost review is full of personal comments from current user about tech support and offered features.


A feature you may want to consider is the amount of disk space that is available for your website. Always check with customer service to see if there are any limits to the amount of files that may be loaded. Speed is always an important part of a website. Granted most people that go to entertainment websites realize it may load slower do to the extras that are included on the sites. Having a webhost that offers high speed connection and downloads can prove very beneficial when trying to create return visitors.


Find a webhost that has support for a range of programs. That way you will have the freedom to choose what kind of program you want to use when building your website. Hostgator promotes being able to support programs such as fast CGI, SSH, Python, Perl and Image Magick plus they also offer a Hostgator coupon.


The Basic Guide To E-Commerce Hosting

Here is a basic guide to E-commerce hosting. When choosing a website host that is going to be hosting your e-commerce site you want to make certain that they provide all the necessary features to keep your customer’s information safe. Not only do you want your customers safe you also want your information and website protected as well. Some website hosts offer a few features that may protect you and your customers. There are also some website hosts that offer a lot of features and at a price.


SSL is very important when you are dealing with personal information. SSL is what encrypts confidential information for example passwords and credit card numbers. You want to make sure that your website host offers this kind of protection otherwise your personal information and your customer’s can be easily stolen from s. Hostgator is a website host that offers this kind of feature and it is included in all of its plans. With the Hostgator coupon you can receive twenty percent off.

Shopping Carts

It is also very important that your website host offers shopping carts. How else are your customers going to be able to purchase items from your site easily and conveniently? Sure you can manage an e-commerce site without a shopping cart but your customers are not going to be pleased with having to purchase each item individually. Bluehost offers a variety of shopping cart support features including Agora shopping cart, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart. The Bluehost review is full of personal experience comments from current costumers of Bluehost involving security, uptime and yes even their shopping cart functions.


Uptime is the amount of time the website host is actually functioning. The uptime percentage for a website is very important. If your website host has a poor percentage or has a downtime percentage that is higher than their uptime, just keep looking. There are several website host that boast having a 99.9% uptime and a few of them even guarantee it.


Choosing A Good & Cheap Web Host

When it comes to choosing a web host everyone has a laundry list of things they are looking for. Does the host have enough disk space or bandwidth for their website? Does the webhost offer a user friendly interface? How is the ratio of uptime and downtime? These are all great items to consider when searching for a web host. But, have you ever considered the customer service of a website host? Check out Bluehost review to see what kind of great service you can receive from Bluehost. And if you are looking for a great bargain Hostgator coupon will get you a great deal off of your Hostgator services.

Customer Service

Many people do not consider customer service as a condition which to judge a host. But, one must consider what if you need to ask questions about maintenance, uploading, downtime, or the user interface? If your website host does not offer a friendly customer service then just who do plan on getting answers about the web host from?


Communication with your web host needs to be on your priority list. If you are having issues with your web page it is going to be your host that is most likely to help you. When you call in with questions are you sent to a voicemail or do you get a live person? And if you decide you do not like to speak with people on the phone, when sending an email do you get a response quickly? A good and cheap webhost should have good communication skills via phone or internet.


Feedback is something else that should be looked at. Do the users that are already with the web host still stand by their decision? Or do most of them believe they have made a poor choice? A web host that accepts customer feedback is usually a good sign of being a good host. If the web host accepts customer feedback and responds to it by making changes that are requested then that will make them a great web host. Finding a web host that is good and cheap can be easy when you consider these types of things.


Free Website Hosting Vs. Paid Website Hosting

There are plenty of pros and cons to free and paid website hosting. It can be quite a headache when trying to determine just which is best for you. Some users may require a site that has fees to post a website on. Others may only need what free hosting offers. Depending on the users wants and needs may determine just which one of the two will be best suited.

Paid Website Hosting

A paid website host has fees for just about everything. The main fee which can be monthly, semiannual and annual typically covers the coast of a respectable amount of space on the host server and a decent amount of allotted traffic. However, if you are in need of more space there will be more fees, if you need more traffic again there are added fees. The paid website host does have benefits contrary to all the fees, they allow users to add their own desired ads. If you decide you do not want ads on your website then there will be no ads. So the benefits to paid website host are large amount of space and traffic as well as ad free space, however there are fees for just about everything. Hostgator coupon offers new customers 20% of their monthly bill for a 3 year period. That is less than $4 a month! If you are interested in what the reviews say then be certain to check out the Bluehost review.

Free Website Hosting

Free website hosting is great for beginners. They allow users to upload website to their server, they also provide an average amount of visitors. There are no fees with this type of web host because they do not generate their income from those that upload to their server. Instead they generate their income from the ads that they place on user websites. The user has no choice as to what ads are placed and the user receives no commission off of the ads. So benefits for free website hosting are the host is free, they do allow a predetermine amount of space and traffic, the downfall is they place their own ads and the user does not receive commission from them.


Understanding cPanel Web Hosting

A common feature that keeps popping up when searching web host plans and packages is cPanel. Now you may be wondering just what the heck it is. cPanel is a control panel to help website owners maintain and build up their websites without needing technical support for a crutch. cPanel was designed with the average Joe in mind, however even seasoned website builders can use the program without getting frustrated with the simplicity.

Web Host

There are benefits on both sides of the cPanel. On the host side, they have an amazing feature that they can offer for free with any hosting package. It helps to draw in new customers plus it cPanel also helps to cut down the calls to technical support. Instead of calling tech support every time a user has a question on how to use a certain feature or how to set up a particular program, cPanel has all of the features and programs already included. Many of the features are 1-click features. So for web host, cPanel makes tech support happy as well as new to website building users happy. Hostgator is a web host that offers cPanel in every plan they also offer a Hostgator coupon.


cPanel offers many features that prove to be extremely helpful to new users. It provides video demos on steps that may be a little more complicated, as well as visual displays for some of the less complicated features. cPanel has features that allow users to create and manage their email accounts as well as bonus features of spam filtering, auto responders, forwards and mailing list. If you are curious about the popularity of your website as well as its efficiency there is a feature that will allow you to view just that along with other features like web stats, analog stats, webalizer, bandwidth usage and latest visitor count. Bluehost review has personal comments about Bluehost and its cPanel if you want to learn firsthand what other users think of it.