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Bluehost Review & Coupon Codes

Bluehost is a web hosting company that has been in business since the 1990s. They offer many different features, but they do not offer many different plans. They believe in everyone having the chance to use the same features as everyone else. Bluehost actually has a laundry list of features they offer to all of their users. Some of the features include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as support for JavaScript and Flash programs.

Some of their other features include unlimited of the following items: POP3/ POP3 secure email support, GB of site transfer, ad-on domains, parked domains and sub domains. They also have a new drag and drop site builder for free. As you can tell they offer quite a bit for such a reasonable price. Their price starts at just $6.95 per month, the variant for them is the amount of years you decide to sign up for.


Bluehost has many review sites, many of them are by individuals that currently have Bluehost as their webhost. Doing a quick search for Bluehost review will bring up a couple thousand results. They do have over 1 million sites that they host, that leaves a lot of room for current users to express just what they feel about Bluehost. The first pages of results are nothing but positive reviews. Stating their customer support is awesome, technical is helpful and the uptime is outstanding. Bluehost is ranked in many top 10 lists for good and cheap websites.


Even though Bluehost already has an amazing price for all of the features they offer, they also offer a coupon that can cut your monthly fee from $6.95 per month down to just $3.95 per month! Now that is an awesome deal. The easiest way of getting the coupon is by doing a keyword search for Bluehost coupon, then click on one of the links and there you go under $4 a month for Bluehost web hosting services.


How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service

Importance of choosing the best Web Hosting service:

Web hosting service plays a very important role in determining the future of your website business. There are plenty of aspects that are to be taken in to consideration while choosing the web hosting services. There are plenty of service providers in the market, but choosing the best is always crucial. If your web hosting service is poor and is not reliable, your business will face nightmares.

Here are few of the vital points that will help you in choosing the best Web hosting service:


Watch out for the space that your web hosting service provider gives you. The space should be fulfilling the requirement of your website. The space should also be enough so that if your business needs expansion in the future, there should be ample space for that. Also, if your website includes graphic and videos, space becomes a priority. There are plenty of web hosting service providers which promise a lot of space but don’t provide you with that much space. Inmotion hosting service is an exception in this case. The Inmotion review suggest that Inmotion web hosting service offers a space, that might be less than what others offers, but is provided to its customer, without any deduction.

FTP Access:

Watch out that your web hosting service provider should offer you with FTP Access. This facility allows the user to add more pages to the website.

Degree of reliability:

You also need to see what the UPTIME percentage of your provider is. If it is high, the degree of reliability is high, and the provider can be chosen.


You should also see how secure the provider is or how secure your website is, in that hosting service, while choosing your service provider.

Cost of Service:

Cost of the web hosting service provider is another important aspect that you need to consider while choosing your web hosting service. Those services which have low cost but better features will definitely be the best ones to go forward with. If the Hostmonster review is to be believed, then the cost of Hostmonster web hosting service is very low compared to other service providers, and has almost all the features.