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Hosting Your Entertainment Website

Entertainment websites are somewhat different from other websites. They often have many more images, audios, and videos than the average website. So when it comes to deciding on a webhost you need to find one that has the space, speed and features you need to keep your website up and running with an uptime over 90%. Checking reviews on web hosts you are considering is a great way to see what the current users are experiencing and how they feel the web host is handling current issues. For example Bluehost review contains personal comments of current users about the web hosts current services and features.


Some services you should consider when choosing a web host is their technical support. If you are dealing with problems that involve your website, you are going to need the technical supports help. If the technical support has no idea of what they are doing then you should look for another web host. Checking review sites are a great way to determine the type of technical support a web host may provide. Bluehost review is full of personal comments from current user about tech support and offered features.


A feature you may want to consider is the amount of disk space that is available for your website. Always check with customer service to see if there are any limits to the amount of files that may be loaded. Speed is always an important part of a website. Granted most people that go to entertainment websites realize it may load slower do to the extras that are included on the sites. Having a webhost that offers high speed connection and downloads can prove very beneficial when trying to create return visitors.


Find a webhost that has support for a range of programs. That way you will have the freedom to choose what kind of program you want to use when building your website. Hostgator promotes being able to support programs such as fast CGI, SSH, Python, Perl and Image Magick plus they also offer a Hostgator coupon.


The Basic Guide To E-Commerce Hosting

Here is a basic guide to E-commerce hosting. When choosing a website host that is going to be hosting your e-commerce site you want to make certain that they provide all the necessary features to keep your customer’s information safe. Not only do you want your customers safe you also want your information and website protected as well. Some website hosts offer a few features that may protect you and your customers. There are also some website hosts that offer a lot of features and at a price.


SSL is very important when you are dealing with personal information. SSL is what encrypts confidential information for example passwords and credit card numbers. You want to make sure that your website host offers this kind of protection otherwise your personal information and your customer’s can be easily stolen from s. Hostgator is a website host that offers this kind of feature and it is included in all of its plans. With the Hostgator coupon you can receive twenty percent off.

Shopping Carts

It is also very important that your website host offers shopping carts. How else are your customers going to be able to purchase items from your site easily and conveniently? Sure you can manage an e-commerce site without a shopping cart but your customers are not going to be pleased with having to purchase each item individually. Bluehost offers a variety of shopping cart support features including Agora shopping cart, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart. The Bluehost review is full of personal experience comments from current costumers of Bluehost involving security, uptime and yes even their shopping cart functions.


Uptime is the amount of time the website host is actually functioning. The uptime percentage for a website is very important. If your website host has a poor percentage or has a downtime percentage that is higher than their uptime, just keep looking. There are several website host that boast having a 99.9% uptime and a few of them even guarantee it.


Understanding cPanel Web Hosting

A common feature that keeps popping up when searching web host plans and packages is cPanel. Now you may be wondering just what the heck it is. cPanel is a control panel to help website owners maintain and build up their websites without needing technical support for a crutch. cPanel was designed with the average Joe in mind, however even seasoned website builders can use the program without getting frustrated with the simplicity.

Web Host

There are benefits on both sides of the cPanel. On the host side, they have an amazing feature that they can offer for free with any hosting package. It helps to draw in new customers plus it cPanel also helps to cut down the calls to technical support. Instead of calling tech support every time a user has a question on how to use a certain feature or how to set up a particular program, cPanel has all of the features and programs already included. Many of the features are 1-click features. So for web host, cPanel makes tech support happy as well as new to website building users happy. Hostgator is a web host that offers cPanel in every plan they also offer a Hostgator coupon.


cPanel offers many features that prove to be extremely helpful to new users. It provides video demos on steps that may be a little more complicated, as well as visual displays for some of the less complicated features. cPanel has features that allow users to create and manage their email accounts as well as bonus features of spam filtering, auto responders, forwards and mailing list. If you are curious about the popularity of your website as well as its efficiency there is a feature that will allow you to view just that along with other features like web stats, analog stats, webalizer, bandwidth usage and latest visitor count. Bluehost review has personal comments about Bluehost and its cPanel if you want to learn firsthand what other users think of it.